Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rickie Fowler gets a lesson in Augusta National decorum

Rickie Fowler gets a lesson in Augusta National decorum : "Augusta National member Ron Townsend asked Fowler to turn the cap around. Fowler declined, saying that he wanted people to see his face. Townsend asked him again, and this time, Fowler complied."

I know there are certain dress codes us golfers need to follow, especially golf professionals. However, as for this "unwritten rule" of how a hat is "properly worn," I dont think wearing a hat backwards will ruin golf. I grew up learning how to play golf at a public course wearing T-shirts and jeans but now I work at a golf course where jeans are not allowed and collar shirts are required. I personally enforce these rules, no exceptions whatsoever. But I can care less on how a hat is worn. Rickie Fowler has brought a new group of followers to the PGA tour. This is a new generation. Do you think that in 1920, if we were competing against Bobby Jones, they would let us play in the golf attire we have now? And how do you think the general public will really react if someone on tour wears a pivot-sleeve golf coat with matching knickers and golf stockings, English flannel light-weight golf shirt with detached collar, a foulard tie, and an English cheviot knockabout golf hat? What is more important, apparel or getting the ball in the hole?

What do you think?


  1. Of course getting the ball in hole. As you said yourself you learned in jeans and t-shirt so what is wrong with that now. If in tennis, Wimbledon change adjust so can golf, Augusta. And if this guy it teaching etiquette he should have pull the young to the side and spoke in private. That's is respect to a human being. I have less respect for this guy and would have ignored him.

  2. Thanks D. Your right. At least give him the respect and pill him off to the side and tell him in private.

  3. I think tradition is tremendously important in golf, especially the Master’s Tournament. I mean really… look at the “green jacket”, who would wear that anywhere except at Butler Cabin, but its part of the custom and ritual that makes the tournament so special. Ricky is one of the young bloods in golf and he is a great character as well as addition to the sport. When he was asked by member of the club to turn his hat around, he should have said “yes sir- thanks for letting me play at your wonderful club.” If they start letting golfers wear their pants half-way down their butt (like you see the kids today), I will have to stop watching!