Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Tiger says swing change starting to pay off - I took a little time to analyze his swing yesterday. There is no doubt that his back swing is better, more on plane and therefore more likely to come down on the correct swing plane. His forearms used to be over rotated and that's no longer the case. His arms are more in sync with his torso through impact than before. Now his hips are "sitting" longer (the move before the hips turn) in the down swing and the arms are staying in front of his torso. Because this start to the downswing is better, he is more able to continuously turn his hips through the impact area. His swing looks much better. Period. It should be noted that his new swing coach, Sean Foley, deserves some credit. But none of this matters unless Tiger begins to win again, and the winning must include Major Championships. This article points out that Tiger is going to focus more on his short game now which is essential because his putting stroke is awful right now. He has a burst of acceleration near impact that causes it's own problems but also encourages some compensated deceleration on short putts (especially under pressure). There is no doubt in my mind he lost the Masters for that reason. He better get to work.

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